A Complete LNG fueling System: From the Dispenser to the Vehicle

Macro Technologies, LLC designs, engineers and manufactures safe, user-friendly, cost effective fueling components for the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) vehicle fueling industry.  Our LNG product line includes innovative solutions for LNG fueling stations as well as engine/tank components for LNG vehicles.

With products such as our CryoMac2® LNG Fueling Nozzle – that’s lighter, has fewer icing issues and is more cost effective than other LNG fueling nozzles on the market, LNG Fueling Cap – the only cap on the market that limits the intrusion of contaminants, Breakaway Coupling – that’s become a standard safety feature for LNG stations all over the world, and our LNG Vent couplers – that have become an industry standard with over 30,000 in service worldwide; Macro Technologies strives to lead the industry in Engineering Excellence.

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LNG Vehicle Components
LNG Vehicle components

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LNG Tank Receptacle

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