High Speed Air Spindle

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Presenting the 30,000 RPM Mini-Mac series spindles for your lathes and mills. Perfect for micro machining or eliminating secondary operations! Small and easy to mount in virtually any machine!
  • Mill on your lathe.
  • Polish on your mill or lathe.
  • Grind on your mill or lathe.
  • Engrave on your mill!
  • Speed up drilling and milling!


Affordable high speed machining !

Our high speed air driven spindles operate on "shop air". They rotate at approximately 30,000 RPM. Most lathes and mills turn to slowly to efficiently drill or mill small holes or slots. Our high speed spindles let you mill and drill at more advantageous speeds and feeds. Additionally, our speed gives you the versatility to grind or polish so you can achieve close tolerances and and smooth finishes. Numerous secondary operations can often be accomplished on the machine by adding the air spindle. Even older equipment can have "live tooling"!

Reduced production time and better finishes! The Mini-MacTM, though small in size, is a precision tool. Each air driven spindle is held to exacting tolerances. The result is a high speed tool that is accurate and consistent.

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